Location and components

Shopping Mall

Located on the South-Western edge of Tunis Bay and completely open to the iconic Golf Course is the self-titled Tunis Bay Mall, a location complete with local favourites and big-name brand boutiques. Fashionistas will no longer have to reach for the passport to quench their cravings for the latest collections from international designers. At Tunis Bay Mall, you will find a fine selection of world class fashion labels under a single roof. Coupled with high-street retailers, cafes, food & beverage brands, Tunis Bay Mall is set to release the promise of retail upon residents and visitors alike.

Golf Course

The inspiring and verdant grounds of the iconic Tunis Bay Golf Course extends over an area of 80 hectares, incorporating impressive features from some of the world's greatest courses. This beautiful landmark of recreational design is the brain child of one of the best European golf course designers. The panorama over the fairways fuse magnificent views of the sea with the breathtaking Tunis Bay city skyline. The location creates a sense of intimacy, while being close enough to the office to permit an occasional business liaison, interrupting otherwise highly productive mornings. The par 72 course with its two loops of nine holes create 18 holes of naturally entertaining gameplay. Set amidst the trees and with a focus towards the golfing community villas, the stately Clubhouse provides a focal point for social gatherings and the perfect setting for a casual business lunch, or two.

Beach & Corniche

Tussle with your temptations as you stroll along the corniche and boardwalk of Tunis Bay's haven-esque waterfront. Our architects believe a beach for more than sunbathing, swimming or adventures into the deep. Their vision is a contemporary Mediterranean escape for lovers of fun, casual dining and family activities. Tunisian beaches have always been perfect for breezy strolls in the sand but now residents, visitors and tourists can savour gastronomic good times in one of the many new restaurants or the sweet sensation of a gelato or two in an airy seafront cafe. Whatever the location you choose, it will be the best setting in Tunisia.


The promise of connectivity belies the masterplan of Tunis Bay. The masterplan focused on both naturally pleasing aesthetics as well as the practical considerations of mass transportation and personal automation. The city has accessibility at its core and fluid movement characterizes the expected flow of its 67 thousand daily commuters. Located 25 km north of downtown Tunis and only 15km from Carthage International Airport, Tunis Bay provides excellent transportation opportunities to local, regional and international destinations. The focal point that punctuates all major thoroughfares within the city is the modern Marina, a central location that is as much an inspiring spectacle as it is a haven for relaxation.


Tunisia and the region

Tunis Bay has been strategically located to connect its burgeoning community to downtown Tunis. The capital's most affluent, artistic, business districts and international airport are within an easy 20-minute drive. Gammarth, with its convenient local amenities, is also within close proximity to the development. Tunis Bay's highly innovative infrastructure provides fertile ground, promoting the development's expansion and providing access to its highly skilled and affluent inhabitants who will share their expertise and export their enterprises to local, regional and global markets. Tunis Bay ensures the free flow of capital funding to Tunisia, the Arab Maghreb and the rest of the African continent. Tunis Bay is set to become emblematic of a new Tunis and a bellwether for a buoyant Tunisian economy


TUNIS BAY Private Hospital & Healthcare Hotel is another significant component of the master plan that will draw both national and international patients.
Located in Phase Four of the development, it could create a great synergy with the University Campus.
The healthcare facility is adjacent to the central plaza of the district, the precinct is planned with large land parcels that can accommodate buildings integrated to the Hospital unit.
The commercial/retail environment located on the northern edge of the site as well as the central plaza (park) enhances the value of the Hospital


The Business University mission is to attract national and international students.
It will be a higher education facility with teaching facilities, student services, sports facilities and student residences. An important residential component is also part of this district to cater for students and teachers
The technology park is aimed at companies looking for a larger floor plate offices or more flexible configuration for commercial activities.