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About Tunis Bay Project

Tunis Bay is a flagship urban project in the northern suburb of Tunis, this 523 hectares development with its Golf Course Residence, Mall, Marina, Business District, University and private hospital is set to become a pivotal/focal hub in Tunisia's Economy and an incubator of architectural, technological and sartorial innovation. Its sophisticated and highly functional infrastructure and amenities along with its business, family and eco-friendly environment, will soon establish this new city as a model metropolis bursting with life and shining on the rest of Tunisia and North Africa. Tunis Bay is cleverly planned to combine the personal and the professional spheres, facilitate internal and external mobility, set the stage to all kinds of fruitful interactions and provide a board selection of enterprising opportunities.

Shopping mall with BUA of 100 000 sqm

iconic 18-hole golf course over a land area of 80 hectares

Swipping 2.4 km beach front with hotels and residence

A world class marina over an area of
36 hectares and 850 births

A Golf Residence with 509 villas over
127 hectares